Whatup?! My name's Nick and I am currently a Video Producer/Filmmaker at Lifechurch.tv in Edmond, Oklahoma. To give you a brief, somewhat, background...I started taking an interest in film as a lad (Irish for "kid"); and by interest I mean I had an addiction to sitting in front of the tube. You couldn't drag me away from it. I would sit in front of that beautiful box for hours being engulfed in movies and tv shows realizing the power of story telling through moving pictures, sound effects, and film scores. I became hooked on the idea of stirring the emotions of an audience with the tools of creativity.

When I was 18 I began to experiment in Adobe Photoshop. The thought of having the power to put me next to Jennifer Aniston within the same photo was too much to ignore. After I mastered the art of photoshopping me next to beautiful tv stars, I caught myself creating designs for hours upon hours. Learning, reading, finding inspiration on any sites I could find.

At 20, I then had the pleasure of purchasing a dslr that captured full hd video.
From then on, I haven't stopped.

I am 25 now and have this outrageous passion for moving audiences through visual pieces. I still catch myself in front of a computer creating, editing, and listening for hours at a time trying to make things better.

My passion is to stir people into the emotion we as creatives want them to feel.
To use media as a path to lead them towards the idea we are trying to create.